As technology and formulation become ever more sophisticated, Mineral Air‘s device-driven systems define the future of beauty, putting achievable professional-looking results into consumers’ hands.

All Mineral Air systems follow the two-part hardware/software model; an innovative hand-held misting device with an accompanying mineral-enriched, micronized formula. All devices are portable, refillable, USB-rechargeable and with hygienic touch-free applications. Uniquely efficacious, the formulas’ micronized ingredients achieve superlative qualities and results.

Mineral Air is designed and distributed by YA-MAN LTD, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. A leader in advanced, technology-driven professional beauty and personal care devices–along with their partnered product formulas–the company has thrived in the Asian and European markets since 1978.  In 2015, YA-MAN LTD expanded into the United States with its San Diego, California-based subsidiary YA-MAN USA LTD launching the popular Mineral Air systems Stateside.

At present, there are two categories, Mineral Air Complexion and Mineral Air Skin:

  • Mineral Air Complexion sets a new standard for skin safety offering color and coverage from post treatment to everyday use.  Its AirMist Device delivers a fine veil of our micronized skin-friendly mineral foundation, blush or bronzer, all with optical qualities to seamlessly erase redness, bruising, unwanted flaws and pigment while still allowing the skin’s natural color to predominate.
  • Mineral Air Skin is a touchless, micronized air-to-skin serum delivery system. Its portable, flacon-size ElixerMist Device delivers soothing and hydrating ingredients with vapor mist so fine you can use it throughout the day. The Renewal Serum gives hydration in seconds, enriched with EGF, hyaluronic acid and is vegan and cruelty-free.
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Minimize your downtime post non ablative lasers/peels with Mineral Air’s touchless technology that will deliver color, camouflage, and hydration leaving your skin with a flawless glow.

Great for: Post- non-ablative treatments that cause the skin to have redness, erythema, dehydration, bruising.