AFA™: What We Are About
Results-oriented skin care solutions

We understand that patients want real life skin health solutions that provide demonstrable results over a wide range of skin types and conditions. Our AFA™ products are exactly that. We provide reliable solutions for most skin types. Developed by board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Marvin Klein, afaLUXE™ is formulated a blend of natural amino-based acids and antioxidants that was patented in March of 2000 by the United States government.

afaLUXE™ are found in all AFA™ products. The science-driven benefits of afaLUXE™ include the improvement in appearance of visible lines, all-over tone and texture and pigmentation correction and prevention. These results are achieved through greater moisture retention, potent antioxidants and effective exfoliation without causing irritation.

  1. afaLUXE™ is a proven, highly effective exfoliant
  2. afaLUXE™ promotes greater moisture retention in skin
  3. afaLUXE™ is a patented combination of potent antioxidants
  4. afaLUXE™ quickly provides visible improvements
  5. afaLUXE™ is highly effective at improving photopigmentation
  6. afaLUXE™, unlike traditional AHAs, cause little to no irritation

AFA™ provides strategic solutions for real-life skin care issues that are available exclusively through dermatologists, plastic surgeons and high-end spas. AFA™ products are cruelty-free and formulated with highly potent, stabilized antioxidants and powerful exfoliants that are effective, yet, produce little to no irritation, unlike traditional AHAs and glycolic acids.

Most importantly, AFA™ products provide results.


Throughout those ventures, Dr. Klein worked with Dr. Joel Schlessinger to research and promote the AFA™ products and concepts. Upon Dr. Klein’s passing, Dr. Schlessinger worked for years to keep the research and development of AFA™ going. In the interest of keeping AFA™ available to patients around the globe, Dr. Joel Schlessinger purchased exCel Manufacturing, Inc. in 2017 to continue the work of his colleague and friend, the late Dr. Klein.