For us, beauty is timeless.

Every part of making Essènci products is made with expertise and savoir faire, from farming, to formulas, and the packaging. From our headquarters in Paris, we work with craftsmen, artisans, and farmers in Provence & Corsica, helping preserve the know how and support the next generation of tastemakers in France.

The world of Essènci takes you far away from the cacophony of everyday life allowing you to pause and enabling your skin to breathe, grow, shine and be its most authentic beautiful self.


CEO Yetunde Beutler: A Woman’s Woman

As a mother, wife, entrepreneur, CEO, and most importantly, as a liberated woman, Yetunde has always looked out for those associated with her. She has never been shy of challenging norms, breaking taboos or paving her own path and has inspired various women to do the same.


“My goal is to focus on renewal, healing, wellness, and balance, Essènci is the medium.”


As an advocate of diversity and inclusion, through this brand, she has created products that instill a sense of being cared for all those associated with it, irrespective of their color, sexuality and age because each and every one of you matters.