Zimmer Aesthetic Division

CSF 2019


Zimmer MedizinSystems in Irvine, California, with its parent company based in Neu-Ulm, Germany, is celebrating 50 years of expertise in manufacturing high quality medical devices.  Originating as a manufacturer of physiotherapy devices, Zimmer rapidly evolved as a global leader in the aesthetic industry.  The company is represented in over 110 countries worldwide by local distributors who provide exemplary service.  Zimmer and its distributors provide support before a purchase, during installation and training, and most importantly, thereafter.

Zimmer’s Aesthetic Division manufactures award-winning devices for the treatment of cellulite and enhancing body contouring, as well as skin cooling during laser and other dermatological treatments.  Zimmer’s flagship products, Z Wave and Z Cryo, utilize advanced Radial Pulse Therapy and Cryo Therapy technologies.  With over 35,000 Cryo units sold, the company has set the gold standard for Cryotherapy and skin cooling systems and has significantly contributed to safer laser treatments while improving patient comfort.

Z Wave Q

Softer Sound – Equally Effective: Introducing Z Wave Q – At CSF 2019, Zimmer MedizinSystems presents a new water cooled Radial Pulse Therapy device. This new technology makes it the quietest system on the market. The all-new Z Wave Q comes with a 2-year limited warranty on the system and 2,000,000 pulses on the hand piece.

Z Wave Q advantages include: Gentle, painless, and quick treatments; no disposables; no down time; non-invasive treatment; easy to operate; consistently reproducible and visible results; quietest operation.

The Z Wave Q is FDA cleared for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite.  Typical patient treatment time is 3-4 minutes per body zone.  Visible results may be seen after only 2-3 sessions.  May also be used as an adjunct in Cryolipolysis™ treatments to enhance body contouring results.

Z Cryo

“Keep cool” at -30°C with the Zimmer Cryo 6. Designed for superficial aesthetic procedures, the Cold Air Device minimizes pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief with injections.

Visit us at our booth to take part in the “50 Years Young” anniversary celebration, as we take a look back at our company’s history and also look to our future medical device innovations. To learn more about our introductory show specials and trade-up offers, visit the Zimmer Aesthetic Division CSF booth or contact the company at 800-327-3576 or info@zimmerusa.com.


2019 Live Demonstration Participant:

Treatment: Pulsed Radial Shock Waves Device is used in the aesthetic industry for the treatment of cellulite. It is used also to treat post Cool Sculpting, pre and post lipo suction, post tattoo removal, and the treatment of capsular contracture.
Benefit: Better results post body sculpting and cellulite for females.