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When it comes to Lawsuit Protection: Action without knowledge can be dangerous. Creating an asset protection plan without the professional help of those who specialize in the field will in all likelihood hand your assets to anyone who wants to sue you. The first step in this process is education and gaining the knowledge needed before taking action. Once you have a knowledge, action can be taken that will in fact shield you and your assets from any loss in any lawsuit.

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Speaker: Art McOmber, LEGALLY MINE, INC.

About Art McOmber:
Residence: Saratoga Springs, Utah
Education: B.A. in German Studies, Brigham Young University
Positions: Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
                  – Collateral duties included FBI firearms instructor, Defensive tactics training, Evidence response team leader (Crime scene processing)

Art McOmber hails from Saratoga Springs, UT and his greatest successes are his marriage to Barbara for 29 years and their four children. Art spent his first career working as a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Afterwards he successfully transitioned to the business world where he has helped thousands of people of all backgrounds protect themselves from becoming victims of crime and lawsuits. Today he will be teaching us how to eliminate the threat of lawsuits, protect your medical license, and greatly increase your tax savings.

Download: Art McOmber Bio 1-31-2018

About Legally Mine: 

Legally Mine is an asset protect and tax strategy group. The mission of Legally Mine is to empower members of the healthcare and business communities with the knowledge and tools to protect their asset from lawsuits, build professional license safeguards into their legal structures and legitimately reduce their tax liability. 

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