Myers-Briggs and You

Gracia 4 & 8

In our constant effort to bring the freshest, most interesting and relevant content to CSF, we are having a session this year on the practical uses of personality assessment, with a focus on the Myers-Briggs model. Our goal is to provide you with insight on how personality assessments can be used both in your personal and professional lives, whether as a tool towards maximizing your own personal success or for family members or even as a team building exercise to improve office staff performance.

Board-certified dermatologist, Matt Zirwas will look at how the MBTI was developed and into the concept of personality testing in general, with the goal of arming you with the information you need to determine if something like MBTI could be used in your practice to improve employee engagement, productivity or even in your own life to improve your happiness and relationships.

We believe that you will get the most out of the session if, before the meeting, you take the free assessment below and review the feedback it provides about your personality type. This is all completely confidential – we at CSF have no relationship with this company and will not even know if you’ve taken it, let alone what your results are.  The test takes about 10-15 minutes.

Remember, of course, that no on-line assessment can provide a complete picture of an individual, nor is any assessment going to be accurate for everyone. In addition, your mood, the time of day, and other factors can affect results, so take it all with a grain of salt!

Take the test!

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