Matthew Zirwas, MD, FAAD has published over 130 peer reviewed articles, is a member of the North American Contact Dermatitis Group (NACDG), a former Board Member and recipient of a Presidential Citation of the American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS), the developer of the Contact Allergen Management Program for the ACDS, and is the author of the latest edition of Fisher’s Contact Dermatitis (published in 2017). He patch tests over 500 patients a year, referred from all over the US and has a busy general dermatology practice with a focus on itch, non-specific dermatitis, and delusions of parasitosis / Morgellons Disease.

He has never injected a toxin or filler into a single patient, has never fired a laser, and can’t even do his own excisions. However, his partner (and wife), Dr. Jill Fichtel, MD, FAAD is a cosmetic dermatologist who is kind enough to do all of the surgeries and cosmetics on his patients. In exchange, he deals with difficult employees in the practice, takes over the care of her patients with difficult rashes, non-healing ulcers, pruritus, facial dermatitis, OCD, BDD, or cosmetic intolerance syndrome, accepts her expressions of gratitude (in all forms), and knows he is getting the better end of the deal. They love being in practice together and are happily married, despite having to live in two different cities while managing the schedules of 4 kids.