Vivier Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical skin care company with offices in Montreal, Canada and Champlain, New York.

Since its inception in 2000, following three years of Research and Development, the vision guiding Vivier Pharma has not changed. Lead by Jess Vivier, founder and CEO with over 30 years of experience in ethical and cosmetic pharmaceuticals, Vivier Pharma is an innovative pharmaceutical company committed to providing superior skincare solutions that change people’s lives by delivering results.

Today, Vivier Pharma manufactures, markets and sells its VivierSkin, VivierSkin Platiné and SkinTx brands to leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skin care specialists in over 20 countries across Canada, the United States, Mexico, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

Vivier Pharma’s success is attributed to its unmatched commitment to providing quality products, offering quality service and building a team of quality people who share Vivier Pharma’s vision.

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United States:

30 Lawrence Paquette Industrial Drive
Champlain, NY  12919

Tel.:  1-450-455-9779
Fax:  1-450-455-7491 – Fax toll-free:  1-866-455-7491


Canadian Headquarters:

288 Adrien Patenaude
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
Canada J7V 5V5
Tel.:  450-455-9779
Fax:  450-455-7491 – Fax toll-free:  1-866-455-7491