DefenAge NEW SKIN:
Wrinkle Remover, Pore Eraser, Acne Mender, Melanin Masker, Treatment Multiplier, Global Fixer.

Why try to repair old skin when you can create NEW SKIN using the dormant resource found in your body? Our technology-driven system is clinically proven to address visible signs of skin exhaustion, damage and aging on a global scale (Taub, Bucay, et al, JDD, 2018). Defensin-molecule wakes up dormant LGR6+ stem cells located within our body, in return they produce new, young and fresh basal stem cells and eventually, young skin. This mechanism our body utilizes during wound healing, therefore new skin in the closed wounds always looks younger than surrounding skin.

New Skin is Waiting to Be Awaken!


2019 Live Demonstration Participant:

Treatment: DefenAge’s facial
Benefit: This four- step facial includes the Multi Cleanse (fine facial cleanser) which melts away surface debris, instantly dissolve makeup, helps liquefy impurities in pores and air pollutants. Once face is cleanses, the Minute Reveal Masque (gentle exfoliating mask) is applied to resurface, refines, softens skin and amplifies results by preparing skin for the next steps. The Barrier Balance Cream (moisturizing cream) is then applied to provide intensive hydration, replenish and balance the skin’s natural barrier. The Barrier Balance Cream introduces initial quantity of defensins. Finally, the BioSerum (anti-aging serum) is applied to the face. The BioSerum is DefenAge’s master defensin treatment, contains unprecedented concentration of defensins.

End-of-day Relaxation Event

You are cordially invited for chair massage and tension-free time!

You are maxed out, now come relax and recharge!

20 licensed massage therapists will be on hand to provide you with a 15-minute complimentary chair massage. Come as you are – no appointment or special attire required. Available to all event attendees.

While enjoying your massage, learn about dermatologic stem cells, defensins and the most recent DefenAge’s developments:

Why try to repair old skin, when you can create new skin using dormant resource found in your body?

Speakers will focus on the use of specific regenerative technology, called defensins, to address signs of skin exhaustion, damage and aging. Speakers will provide detailed description of the mechanism of action, clinical data behind technology, and practical recommendations on the use of defensins to address variety of aesthetic concerns including skin’s discoloration, age spots, melasma, acne, pore and wrinkle- size. Speakers will share recommendations and protocols on the use of defensins in conjunction with microneedling, laser treatment, combination with PRP and with other skin care products and ingredients including retinoids.

Time: 6:00 – 7:30
Location: General Session – Symphony Ballroom A-D
Speaker(s):Amy Forman Taub, MD and Nikolay Turovets, PhD