Application Qualifications

What are the application qualifications?

In order to apply for this educational grant the participant must first qualify for consideration.

Qualification for consideration is based on:
  • The individual’s good standing within their residency or fellowship program
  • Timely submission of a 500 – 750 word abstract on a case or topic of exceptional quality and interest

Qualifying abstracts will cover a dermatology or cosmetic surgery topic and will take the form of a case report, informative session on a sign or symptom or a literature review. Extra weight will be given to original work.

Work that has already been, or is in consideration for publication elsewhere is not eligible.

Grant recipient responsibilities:

Grant recipients will be expected to prepare a 3 to 4 minute PowerPoint presentation, as well as an 11”x17” color poster presentation. This will be presented to the review committee and an audience of peers and other attendees on the first day of sessions (Thursday). There may be a second presentation for the Committee Chairs to assist with the final selection process.

The Top 10 presenters will then be asked to speak in the general session over the course of the next two days (Friday and Saturday). These individuals will also have the opportunity to publish a summary of their case. Submitted abstracts can not be published or in consideration of publication prior to the meeting. If selected as a Top 10 presenter, CSF has first-rights of refusal for publication through December 31st, 2022.

For every program with a grant recipient for the 2022 meeting, we will extend an invitation to that recipient’s Program Director to attend Cosmetic Surgery Forum.  Should the program director be unable to attend, they can request the invitation be extended to a designated program representative by contacting

Great! How do I apply?

Your application and abstract should be submitted by completing the form provided in the link below. If you have questions, please contact:

A key element of any meeting is discussion and this course is designed to facilitate dialog among all participants in a collegial atmosphere. We hope that you are able to join us and take part in what will be an informative educational experience for us all.

Apply for a Grant

Grants are evaluated and speakers are chosen by faculty from Duke University and University of California Davis.

Drs. Pamela Basuk, Rosyln Rivkah Isseroff, and Julie Woodward.

2022 Cosmetic Surgery Forum

These grants are not funded by a commercial interest grant(s) or marketing monies.