Reviews & Testimonials

I’m always so inspired when I come to this meeting.  The first time I came, I was on the verge of opening my own private practice and I gained so many tips and pearls and a lot of wisdom and honestly, a lot of encouragement to see that there were a lot of people out there that were as passionate as I am. I love that this is a place where people are willing to collaborate and work because we can only discover new things if we can combine our efforts and experiences. ”

“I was blown away then as an attendee about how interactive and intimate the program is with some of the top speakers in the plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology sphere.”

“One of the great things about this meeting is the ability of the panelist and audience to get themselves involved in discussion and debates, personal opinions come forth as well as opinions based on evidence based research. I think it’s a great mixture.”

“It’s very cutting edge. The faculty is wonderful. There are a lot of panels and debates. It’s just forward thinking and that’s why I value it so much.”

“There are a lot of questions when you’re done finishing up residency. You don’t exactly where or how you should start getting into aesthetics. It’s nice to come here where so many people who have been out a few years or have been out for many years, can lead you in the right direction.”

“Every time I come back, I find it more interesting, more fascinating and definitely more different than other meetings I’ve been to in this part of the world.”

“There’s a lot of comrade in this meeting. I see old friends and meet new friends. CSF is the place for networking, up close and personal questions where you get real answers. The honest answers are what I keep coming back for.”

We talk about topics here that we don’t talk about anywhere else. The dialogue that goes on between the faculty and audience is amazing. It’s a very intimate group. We are integrating these topics into what we do every day.”

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