Expert Dermatologists Talk About How and When to Re-Open Your Practice

May 05, 2020

Drs. Candace Spann, Heidi Waldorf, Suneel Chilukuri, George Hruza and Joel Schlessinger will go through the issues of when it is right to open your practice and how that might look. Practical advice and a discursive atmosphere will allow us to thread this needle and find a pathway to starting up our livelihood once again.

Topics to be addressed will be:

1) How do you assure your staff and patients are safe
2) How do you get the word out without being overwhelmed
3) What physical devices and equipment will you need to purchase prior to opening in a COVID-19 world
4) What are the legal issues that matter, both for your patients and staff
5) How can you integrate telemedicine with live patients to enhance safety

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