At-Home Masks: 5 Reasons to Help Your Patients Find One They Love

May 04, 2016

Whether they are made from clay, fruit, charcoal or a ‘proprietary blend of  natural ingredients’ – at-home masks are alive and well and your patients are reading about them. So, here are 5 reasons you should be talking to your patients about masks:

1) Quality masks have a high concentration of active ingredients for big payoff in short sessions – and everyone loves instant results.  And because they don’t require a daily commitment, compliance rates go up!

2) Using a weekly mask can optimize the investment your patients are already making in their skin, whether that is an office visit, medication, spa treatment, cosmetic procedure or product purchase.   Masks give a turbo boost to a regular skin care routine and happier skin means better results and happier patients.

3) ANY patient can use a mask – there are effective varieties for all needs and skin types. If your patients are focused on preventing acne, addressing signs of aging, hydration, uneven tone and texture – or any number of other skin concerns – there are quality masks to meet their needs.  And while some patients may prefer a $40 mask from a physician dispensed brand, there are plenty of other options and your patients don’t have to spend a ton of money.

4) Mix and match-ability: patients can double-mask or switch it up based on your recommendation for their skin’s current needs. Masks are the accessories of skin care – patients can pick one up and put it down as they need them and still experience great results.

5) By suggesting that they use an appropriate mask product, your patients can experience healthier, brighter skin in just 10 – 15 minutes a week and the win is that they’ll love you for it!

by Natasha Mohr

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