The Science of Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life

July 09, 2019

How important is it to you to live a long, healthy life?

We know exercise and eating well can help increase health and wellness, but does it actually make you live longer? Through his strategic research strategy, Dr. Matt Zirwas shares his findings on what does and doesn’t extend your life and health and the real the science behind living a long healthy life.

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Dr. Zirwas’ Helpful Tips on Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life:

  • If you want to live a long life, your lifestyle should consist of these things: do what you love, be married, have between 1-4 children, be physically active, sleep for 7-9 hours a night and take Metformin daily. Intermittent feeding, living at an altitude and consuming coffee will probably benefit the longevity of your life as well. Most importantly, be optimistic. This will reverse adverse effects of stress and improve overall health and personal relationships.


  • You’ll want to avoid working more than 45 hours/week, growth and sex hormones, IGF (insulin-like growth factors) and you will want to restrict calories (about 1,200) and activity levels commensurately if you’re a male.


  • Well, what doesn’t work? An intake of Omega-3/fish oil supplements and low cholesterol. Low cholesterol seems to increase the risk of cancer and infections. Regular vitamin and mineral supplements may not help you live longer. Antioxidants do not prolong life and may have a negative effect on longevity as your own cells will decrease their own antioxidant production. If you’re taking a few aspirins every day, drinking a few glasses of red wine or indulging in dark chocolate, chances are that’s not working either!

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